Vol. 8

Good Times! End Times! vol. 8 by Good Times! End Times! on Mixcloud

Young Jessie-Shuffle in the Gravel
The Rangers-Justine
The Storey Sisters-Bad Motorcycle
Al Casey-If I Told You Wouldn’t
Walter Vaughn-Down On My Knees
The Chantays-Move It
Jimmy “Playboy” Knight-Little Ann
Pat Clayton-I Said No
The Split Ends-Rich With Nothing
The Dixie Hummingbirds-Bedside of a Neighbor
Richard Wylie-Money
Roy Gaines-Worried ‘Bout You Baby
Jimmie Lee-Cry Over Me
The Liverbirds-Talking About You
Maurice & the Zodiacs-Come and Get It
The Supertones-Slippin’ and Sloppin’ (pt.1)
Freddy King-Now I’ve Got a Woman
Del Shannon-Move It On Over
The Charts-Zoop
Titus Turner-Walk on the Wild Side Twist
The Gun Club-Preachin’ Blues

Take // 2

(Take //2 is a video feature of two artists on the latest Good Times! End Times! mix playing a different song from their catalog)

The Easybeats try to make reparations but those damn guitars hardly let them get a word in edgewise. Sorry they’re not sorry.

They say Ruth Brown used to be more popular than Coca-Cola in the South and it ain’t no wonder why: Never flat, just shake, fizz and pop!

Vol. 7

Good Times! End Times! vol. 7 by Good Times! End Times! on Mixcloud

Pretty Boy-Bip Bop Bip
The Easybeats-She’s So Fine
Millie Foster-Love Wheel
The Playboys-So Good
Jimmy Bowen-My Kind of Woman
Ronnie Love-Chills and Fever
Mac Rebennack-Storm Warning
Ruth Brown-I Want To Do More
Walter Stone-I’m Not Good Lookin’
Performers-Mini Skirt
Dave Bartholomew-When the Saints Go Marching In
West Virginia Slim-Only Sixteen
Connie Francis-Gonna Git That Man
Oscar & the Majestics-Soul Finger
Bettye Swann-(My Heart is) Closed for the Season
Charles Sheffield-It’s Your Voodoo Working
The Chantels-Come, My Little Baby
The Velvet Underground-Guess I’m Falling in Love
The Volcanos-Oh Oh Mojo
Brother Claude Ely-There Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down

Fever of the Week: Don Covay // Pretty Boy Rock & Roll

Bip Bop Bip // Switchen in the Kitchen by Good Times! End Times! on Mixcloud

Long before he became the R&B/Soul/Funk songwriting powerhouse the world would come to know in the 60’s and 70’s, Don Covay started out singing in his family’s gospel quartet in Washington, DC. Despite being a P.K. (pastor’s kid) in the early 50’s, Don ditched his familial Cherry Keys for a rising secular quartet called the Rainbows. Recruited for his smooth baritone, Don and company would record a few doo wop singles for Pilgrim and Rama Records in 1956 but the group soon splintered due to the public’s lack of interest. As luck would have it, Don’s idol was laying down “Keep a-Knockin” in DC at that time and as any young fan would do, Don hounded his recording sessions day and night. That idol of course was Little Richard and Don quickly charmed his way into becoming Richard’s personal chauffeur, earning himself the nickname “Pretty Boy”. Inspired by his new pet name and his hero’s vocal flair, Don recorded “Bip Bop Bip” with Richard’s backing band and soon enough The Architect of Rock ‘n’ Roll had a hot new opening act. While his early singles would never uppercut the charts like his later songs would, Norton Records compiled this red-blooded 45 to prove that Don “Pretty Boy” Covay had the guts and grit of a prizefighter despite his dreamboat moniker. Better put your gloves up…

Vol. 6

Good Times! End Times! vol. 6 by Good Times! End Times! on Mixcloud


Jack Starr-Come On
The Cleftones-You Baby You
Lindy Lane-Low Grades and High Fever
Jessie Mae-Don’t Freeze On Me
The Mellow Larks-Time to Pray (Allelujah)
Bunker Hill-The Girl Can’t Dance
Champion Jack Dupree-Stumbling Block
Billie Jo Spears-Get Behind Me Satan and Push
The’s-Cat Fight Run
Evelyn Freeman-Didn’t It Rain
Ike & Tina Turner-I Idolize You
Guitar Tommy Moore-Car Machine
Hank Moore-Knock Kneed Rooster
The Pirates-Cuttin’ Out
Lord Luther-Two of a Kind
John Lee Hooker-She’s Mine
Isabel Baker-I Like God’s Style
Counts-Surfers Paradise
The Litter-I’m a Man

Fever of the Week: Jack Starr // Born Petrified

Crazy Rock // You Only Live Once by Good Times! End Times! on Mixcloud


Deep in the heart of Texas there was a teenage recluse who obsessed over monster flicks, magic tricks and a new craze called rock ‘n’ roll. Since this was the late ’50s where elbow grease and frugality reigned supreme, Jack Starr rolled up his sleeves and began writing, acting and scoring his own horror features in true blue-collar fashion. This industrious 17 year old didn’t need a studio to capture the lo-fi-rockabilly-spook his films pined for…or even a garage for that matter. No, he took the Freudian route and used his mother’s bathtub to record the murky songs swirling in his head just before they careened down the drain below. While his films never ended up seeing the light of day, the blessed sewer rats at Norton Records managed to fish out twenty primitive rockers and bring them back to the surface for the rest of us. Born Petrified doesn’t need any visual effects to help us feel the horrors of deceased love and the dangers of survival; rather, this album stands on its own two feet and steadily throbs forward like any respectable swamp cretin or hexed mummy would. It’s impossible not to speculate that him and Hasil Adkins were merely separated at birth, as they both share the same rebel sound and unearthly love of the macabre. However, Jack seems to have just as much in common with a fellow Texan that would follow in his footsteps thirty years down the road. With the same DIY enterprise and outsider naïveté, a young Daniel Johnston would eat, breathe and sing similar narratives of heartbreak and misunderstood leviathans. Most notably, Daniel would channel some claw-foot tub echo while crooning, “The devil has Texas, Spirit world rising, The devil has Texas”…and there ain’t no one to blame but Jack Starr for that.