Fever of the Week: The Crusaders // Make a Joyful Noise with Drums and Guitars


Gospel music has long been heralded as the ancient prophet in the desert, rabidly preaching of the coming good news of rock ‘n’ roll. From the guitar-slinging elders to the girl group choristers to the fitful crowds shaking in the pews, there is no room for doubt  even in the heart of the most unchurched music critic. Christian rock on the other hand, has a long, illustrious history of false prophets. Better known for plagiarizing from ‘the pagans’ and then forecasting what never happens next, the list of imitative Christian rock bands is far too long to even begin to name names. And yet if you trace the bloodlines back to the source, you will actually find a truly unique and exploratory garage rock band: The Crusaders. Instead of pillaging or condemning as their name might suggest, The Crusaders opt to Make a Joyful Noise with Drums and Guitars and they certainly deliver on their promise.  With fuzzed-out guitars, woozy organ and crashing drums in tow, the Crusaders carry the torch of old hymns and self-penned psalms into the darkness of the mid ’60s and light a match for all to see. Sure there are winks to Duane Eddy and The Association but this type of Jesus Music doesn’t need to ask for forgiveness or show penitence. So go on…open up your heart and let them in.


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