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Vol. 14

The Visions-Cigarette
The Angelic Choir-It’s the Holy Ghost
Betty James-I’m Not Mixed Up Anymore
The Chob-We’re Pretty Quick
Marty Wilde-Misery’s Child
Bobby Lester-Am I the Man
Ervin Rucker-Baby You Were Meant for Me
Papa Lightfoot-When the Saints Go Marching In
Aki Aleong & the Nobles-Earthquake
The Sonics-Have Love Will Travel
The Adventurers-Rock ‘n’ Roll Uprising
Washboard Willie-A Fool on a Mule in the Middle of the Road
Lou & Ginny-Do I Right
The Barracudas-Baby Get Lost
Minnie Epperson-Grab Your Clothes
Mel Smith-Yes Love
The Imps-Uh Oh
Big Maybelle-Do Lord
The Customs Five-Let’s Go in ’69


Vol. 8

Young Jessie-Shuffle in the Gravel
The Rangers-Justine
The Storey Sisters-Bad Motorcycle
Al Casey-If I Told You Wouldn’t
Walter Vaughn-Down On My Knees
The Chantays-Move It
Jimmy “Playboy” Knight-Little Ann
Pat Clayton-I Said No
The Split Ends-Rich With Nothing
The Dixie Hummingbirds-Bedside of a Neighbor
Richard Wylie-Money
Roy Gaines-Worried ‘Bout You Baby
Jimmie Lee-Cry Over Me
The Liverbirds-Talking About You
Maurice & the Zodiacs-Come and Get It
The Supertones-Slippin’ and Sloppin’ (pt.1)
Freddy King-Now I’ve Got a Woman
Del Shannon-Move It On Over
The Charts-Zoop
Titus Turner-Walk on the Wild Side Twist
The Gun Club-Preachin’ Blues

Vol. 6


Jack Starr-Come On
The Cleftones-You Baby You
Lindy Lane-Low Grades and High Fever
Jessie Mae-Don’t Freeze On Me
The Mellow Larks-Time to Pray (Allelujah)
Bunker Hill-The Girl Can’t Dance
Champion Jack Dupree-Stumbling Block
Billie Jo Spears-Get Behind Me Satan and Push
The’s-Cat Fight Run
Evelyn Freeman-Didn’t It Rain
Ike & Tina Turner-I Idolize You
Guitar Tommy Moore-Car Machine
Hank Moore-Knock Kneed Rooster
The Pirates-Cuttin’ Out
Lord Luther-Two of a Kind
John Lee Hooker-She’s Mine
Isabel Baker-I Like God’s Style
Counts-Surfers Paradise
The Litter-I’m a Man